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China Glazing Curtain Wall:


Glazing Curtain Wall refers to a building envelope or decorative structure that can produce a certain displacement relative to the main structure through the supporting structure system, and does not share the role of the main structure.


There are two types of walls: single-layer and double-glazed. Glazing Curtain Wall is a beautiful and novel building wall decoration technique, which is a major feature of the modernist high-rise building era. The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall. The biggest feature it gives to the building is the organic integration of architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure. The building presents different tones from different angles, as the sun shines. The changes in moonlight, moonlight, and lighting give people a dynamic beauty.


Major cities on all continents in the world have magnificent Glazing Curtain Wall buildings, such as the New York World Trade Center, Chicago Petroleum Tower, Sears Tower, etc., all use glass curtain walls. The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing and the Lianyi Building in Shanghai were also adopted.


The thickness of the reflective insulating glass is 6mm, and the wall weight is about /㎡. It has the advantages of lightness, beauty, resistance to pollution, and energy saving. The inner side of the outer glass of the curtain wall is coated with a colored metal coating, and the entire outer wall looks like a mirror from the outside.


The scenery of the sky and the surrounding environment are reflected in it. When the light changes, the image has rich colors and endless changes. Under the reflection of light, the room is not illuminated by strong light, and the vision is soft. This year, it was adopted for the first time in the Great Wall Hotel project in Beijing, China.


China Glazing Curtain Wall


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