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About China Aluminium Windows


If you want to buy high-quality China Aluminium Windows, the following two points of purchase should not be ignored:


1. Look at the material. The thickness, strength and oxide film of the aluminum profile used for high-quality China Aluminium Windows should meet the relevant national standards. In square millimeter Newtons, the thickness of the oxide film should reach 10 microns. If it does not meet the above standards, it is not recommended to buy.


2. Look at workmanship. The high-quality China Aluminium Windows has fine workmanship, smooth tangents, consistent angles, surface gloss and texture, natural and uniform spray color, and can be opened and closed freely. There will be no air leakage, rain leakage, glass bursting, etc. , And they can withstand strong winds and external forces. Make sure that the doors and windows are not damaged.


Combining the above two points, you can buy China Aluminium Windows with exquisite appearance and good internal quality.


Advantages of China Aluminium Windows:


1. A variety of colors. It can be sprayed with a variety of wood grain colors, and the doors and windows can be color-matched according to the home style to ensure individual needs.


2. Waterproof function. Utilizing the pressure balance design principle, there is a structural drainage system, the landslide is designed into a stepped shape, with drainage outlets, and the drainage is unobstructed.


3. Good thermal insulation. The broken bridge aluminum alloy adopts a multi-cavity structure, which effectively prevents the conduction of heat insulation, and adopts multiple rubber strips to seal and tightly seal it. It has excellent watertight and airtight performance and superior heat insulation performance.


4. Anti-condensation and frost. It can realize the multi-channel sealing structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, realize the equal pressure balance of soda and water, and effectively improve the water tightness and air tightness of the doors and windows.


5. Anti-theft and anti-loosening device. Equipped with hardware locks with multiple lock points to ensure the use and safety of doors and windows.


6. There are many opening methods and easy to use. There are side-opening type, push-pull type, inside-opening inside-returning type, outside-opening under-hanging type, etc. to meet the needs of different customers.


7. High strength, no deformation and maintenance-free. The window has high tensile strength, shear strength and thermal deformation resistance, and is not easy to turn yellow and fade.


The above advantages of China Aluminium Windows are shared here. In short, if you choose China Aluminium Windows, you can feel many obvious advantages. China Aluminium Windows can withstand the corrosion of oil fume and is easy to clean. Just wipe gently with the cleaning agent, which saves a lot of effort.


China Aluminium Windows


Sunframe Facade is one of the leading China Building facade Suppliers, curtain wall Manufacturers that focuses on China Building facade, curtain wall and China Aluminium Windows.


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