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China Unit Curtain Wall: What is Unit Curtain Wall?


Unit Curtain Wall refers to the basic unit of the curtain wall structure made of various wall panels and support frames in the factory, which is directly installed on the main structure of the building curtain wall.


China Unit Curtain Wall can be divided into: unit curtain wall and semi-unit curtain wall; the detailed division of semi-unit curtain wall can be further divided into: vertical segmented unit curtain wall and window unit curtain wall.


China Unit Curtain Wall: What is the difference between a unit curtain wall and a frame curtain wall?


Unit glass curtain wall refers to a complete curtain wall structure composed of various curtain wall panels and supporting frames, and is directly installed on the main structure of the building curtain wall; while the frame glass curtain wall is processed in the workshop. The components are transported to the construction site, and the components are installed on the building structure one by one according to the construction process, and then the curtain wall is installed. The following are the seven major differences between China Unit Curtain Wall and framed curtain wall for reference.


1. Compared with the advantages of the complex shape of the frame type curtain wall and the aluminum curtain wall, the mechanical application of this type of curtain wall in the general construction process is more traditional and conservative. It can be applied to most construction units and is for the quality of construction personnel. Not demanding. The weight of the curtain wall products is relatively light, and the on-site construction management is not small.


2. The framed curtain wall relies on scaffolding for construction, personnel safety and construction management training can be completed by many companies, and the general construction site can basically be adapted.


3. The unitized curtain wall is more suitable for glass curtain walls with complex shapes, mainly because these panels and components are assembled in the factory and hoisted as a whole, which can easily ensure the safety of the system.


4. The unit curtain wall occupies a large amount of funds in the early stage, and the accuracy of civil construction will be higher. The design is difficult, the total labor cost is high, the material variety is large, and the amount of consumables per square area is large.


5. The unit type does not rely on scaffolding, and the installer does not need to use the hanging basket to install it outdoors. It will be safer and better control of construction quality, and there will be no major quality problems caused by on-site workers' operation problems.


6. For the unit curtain wall, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the construction personnel is relatively high. Several special trainings must be carried out before entering the construction site, and then the factory processing link can meet the training environment personnel of the construction.


7. Frame curtain walls can meet most common curtain wall projects and design shapes, and unit curtain walls can meet almost all ordinary glass curtain walls and glass curtain walls with complex design shapes; now there are more and more iconic curtain wall projects and super high-rise buildings. The more unit curtain walls are used, the general application of airport and office buildings is to use frame curtain walls.


The above is the answer to the difference between China Unit Curtain Wall and framed curtain wall. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation.


China Unit Curtain Wall


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