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China balcony sliding door: How to choose balcony sliding door?


In order to facilitate access to the balcony, many people set up sliding doors under the balcony, which is more convenient to use. How to choose a balcony sliding door? When buying a balcony sliding door for the first time, and seeing so many similar products on the market, many people did not know what the buying skills of balcony sliding doors were. How to choose a balcony sliding door? What are the purchasing skills for balcony sliding doors, and how to choose balcony sliding doors? What are the purchasing skills for balcony sliding doors?


When choosing China balcony sliding door, the insulation, sealing performance, daylighting, etc. of the balcony should be considered. Li Wenye recommends frosted glass. Because this material does not block the sun, it guarantees privacy and has a good safety factor. The raw material of sliding doors on the market is usually aluminum-magnesium alloy. This material is tough and durable, and the color is usually the original color. Therefore, you must understand the actual situation of the raw materials when purchasing, so that it will not affect future use. When choosing a balcony sliding door, pay attention to the protection of the balcony. Balconies have special environmental protection and are often exposed to wind, sun and rain. So we must pay attention to the waterproof problem of the balcony, so we must pay attention to the material of the sliding door.


What door to put on the balcony? The sliding door is easy to use, and the bottom can produce a tile-like effect. The height of a copper rail is about 5mm, so it is basically as high as the ground. The manufacturing process of the sliding door is simple, the cost is low, and the price is relatively low. The folding door has a complicated process and relatively expensive price. However, in terms of air tightness, sliding doors are better than folding doors, with good sound insulation, good appearance, and convenient management. Simple folding doors can be folded in many ways, and folding doors on the balcony are easy to break. The bottomless frame folding door will damage the ground during the folding process. The doors are connected by hinges. The time is long and the frequency of use is high, so flexibility may not be good. The sliding door that transforms into the senses gives people a heavy feeling in the process of folding. There is no thin sliding door, it looks very comfortable and makes the eyes easier to relax. How to choose a balcony sliding door? When choosing a sliding door for a balcony, you can combine relevant skills. This article introduces the buying and selling skills of balcony sliding doors. If you are buying a balcony sliding door for the first time, what kind of product you should choose, take a good look at yourself to make sure that you can buy a sliding door suitable for your home.


China balcony sliding door: How much does a balcony sliding door cost?


The sunlight glass sliding door mainly depends on its material and thickness. The price of glass is similar. Generally, the thickness of 1 and 2 is 3-40 billion square meters, and the cost of thickness 1 and 6 is only about 500 or 600, but the cost of sliding doors will increase after the cost of sliding doors reaches 2 or 0. The increase online will be huge. Generally 2, 0 is one square meter. Generally, the balcony sliding door is 2, 0, because the floor height of three meters must be 2, 0, which can support materials.


China balcony sliding door: How to choose sliding door for balcony installation?


Almost every family will have a sliding door, because the modern home concept is more and more space-saving, can be customized on demand, environmental protection and practical, of which sliding door can not only provide a closet, cloakroom seal, it can also be a living room, kitchen, balcony Provide space separation from other places and increase privacy. So what should I choose when installing a sliding door on a balcony? Briefly analyze several aspects with you.


1. Look at the pulley


The sliding door has two sets of upper and lower pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding role, because it is installed in the upper rail, and consumers often do not pay attention when buying. The structure of a good upper pulley is more complicated. Not only does it have a bearing inside, but also an aluminum block fixes the two wheels, so that it slides smoothly, and there is almost no noise.


2. Look at the height of the ground rail


The rationality of the ground rail design directly affects the comfort and service life of the sliding door. Consumers should choose a style that has a good foot feel and is conducive to hygiene. At the same time, for the safety of the elderly and children at home, the height of the ground rail should not exceed 5mm.


3. Choose safety glass


Anyone who has used sliding doors knows that sliding door glass occupies most of them, and the quality of the glass directly determines the price of the door. It is best to choose toughened glass, which will not hurt people if it is broken, has a high safety factor, and has a transparent and bright appearance. It looks pretty and is easy to clean.


4. Look at the price


The main sources of sliding doors on the market are domestic, domestic OEM and foreign imports. Domestic raw materials such as hardware and profiles are produced and assembled in China at the lowest price; while domestic OEM refers to the purchase of the right to use a certain brand trademark from abroad, but the hardware and profiles of the product are mostly domestically produced and assembled, and the price is moderate; imported brands, hardware , The profiles are imported with original packaging, the product quality is relatively high, and the price is also high. You can choose according to your own economic situation.


From the beginning, if you want to choose China balcony sliding door, there are still many choices. After all, there are many types of sliding doors on the market, but the premise is that the above factors must be considered.


China balcony sliding door


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