Information on CJIA Airport Engineering Project in Guyana - Sunframe Facade
Project Specs
2019-2022   6,448sqm Exposed frame curtain wall   Airport

Georgetown Guyana

6,448sqm Exposed frame curtain wall
Georgetown Guyana

Scope of Work

Information on CJIA Airport Engineering Project in Guyana


The CJIA Airport Engineering Project is a planned development project for the airport in Guyana. The project will include the construction of a new terminal building and other related infrastructure improvements.


Project: CJIA Airport

Location: Guyana

Area of Curtain Wall:6448 M2

Curtain Wall Type: exposed frame curtain wall, aluminum veneer


Exposed Frame Curtain Wall


A frame curtain wall is a type of wall that is made up of many small, thin panels. The panels are usually installed on the outside of a building, and they are used to create an appearance that is more open and airy. Because of this design feature, frame curtain walls are often used in areas that are near the ground or in areas that have a lot of wind or sun exposure.


The exposed frame curtain wall is a design trend that is gaining popularity in modern homes. This style of curtain wall is made up of individual metal panels that are visible from the outside. This type of curtain wall is perfect for homes that want a stylish and unique look, but don't want to spend a lot of money on construction.


What is Aluminum Veneer? 


Aluminum veneer is a thin sheet of metal that is applied to the outside of a wooden or other object. This allows the object to be made lighter and more durable, while still looking like wood. Aluminum veneer is often used in furniture and other objects that need to look natural and have a high level of durability.


How is Aluminum Veneer different from aluminum frame? 


Aluminum frame construction is the most popular type of homebuilding, and aluminum veneer is a type of aluminum frame construction. Aluminum veneer construction uses sheets of aluminum that are cut to fit around a wooden frame. The sheets are then attached to the frame with screws and nails. 


The main difference between aluminum frame construction and aluminum veneer construction is that with aluminum veneer, the sheets are attached to the frame with screws and nails.


What are the benefits of using aluminum veneer? 


There are many benefits of using aluminum veneer in construction. These benefits include a reduction in weight, a reduction in material costs, and a reduction in the amount of time needed to build a structure.


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