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The application of China mashrabiya facade: the practical innovation of the curtain wall, or the future development direction?


The structural upgrade of curtain wall products and the pace of technological innovation have accelerated. After decades of development, the functions and material sources of curtain wall products have been continuously enriched. Especially with the development of new materials and continuous technological innovation, building curtain walls are gradually developing in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence and high technology. Double-layer curtain wall, photovoltaic curtain wall and other products. enter the market.


Building curtain wall enterprises must have design qualification certificates, production licenses, and construction qualification certificates. Capital barriers. The curtain wall construction industry is a capital-intensive industry. The construction period of the curtain wall is long, the return is difficult, and the capital demand is large. This is the main barrier to entering the industry.


Note for China mashrabiya facade:


Hidden frame curtain walls and semi-hidden frame curtain walls usually use pressure plates (press blocks) to transmit force, and the distance between them is generally not greater than fixed-distance and non-fixed-distance pressure plates. After the fixed distance pressing plate is fastened by the connecting bolts, the pressing gap is relatively fixed, and the pressing force on the glass panel sub-frame is relatively consistent, which is convenient for absorbing deformations such as structure and temperature, reducing frictional noise, and avoiding uneven pressing caused by pressing blocks This causes the image on the glass panel to be distorted.


False bright frames usually install decorative strips at the joints of the dark frame curtain walls to achieve the decorative effect of the bright frame curtain walls. This kind of structure should adopt the design method of hidden frame curtain wall to design the insulating glass and structural glue, that is, the second sealant should be sealed with silica gel structural glue. If polysulfide glue is used as the secondary seal of insulating glass, although it may not be damaged under ultraviolet radiation, there are still unsafe factors.


China mashrabiya facade


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