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Project Specs

Product name: Frameless glass sliding door


Glass Curtain Wall Kind: Unitized/Stick/Spider


Shape: Standard Plane


Usage: Exterior Wall


Design: Can Make According to Customer’s Design


Application: Hotel, Apartment, Villa, Office Building, Mall, School


Specification: Customized

Product description functions and features

1. When the pedestrian flow is too large, the hold on time can be automatically extended (activated) until the pedestrian flow is reduced, and then return to the normal hold on time.

2. Quick and convenient assembly and installation

3. The holding on time under various operating states can be adjusted.


Applicable place:Because the door opening method of translation is to move an object in that direction according to the translation vector you set, which can reduce the space occupation. It can be widely used in business buildings, office front desk, lobby import and export, shopping malls, canteens, hotels, leisure clubs, scenic spots reception, convention and exhibition centers, scientific research centers, sterile rooms, operating rooms, educational institutions, libraries, banks, restaurants, home automatic doors, airports, transportation centers, etc.

Design style: European, Chinese, simple, classical, etc. Door opening mode: sensors (microwave or infrared), manual buttons, touch switches, elbow switches (password, fingerprint, face recognition) and other access control systems, foot switches, etc. to meet various building entrance and exit door opening schemes and create a convenient door opening mode for you.

Installation method: open installation of steel trough, concealed ceiling and support of column back beam.

Door material selection: LED transparent display screen, tempered glass, laminated glass, bulletproof glass, anti-theft glass, fireproof glass, wired glass and other new building materials.

Security protection electronic equipment: mechanical door lock (power-off unlocking / power-off locking), password access control machine, card swiping access control machine, fingerprint access control machine, face recognition system, network control, etc.


Parameter table of frameless glass door

Width of single door: 700-3000m

Double door width: 800-3000m

Cover material: aluminum alloy profile / stainless steel plate / aluminum plate (customized according to customer appearance)

Opening style: single open double leaf translation / single open single leaf translation / double open four leaf translation / double open double leaf translation

Edging material: Frameless (customized)

Customized method: specially assigned person to measure the ruler on site, issue the scheme and install it by special construction personnel

Note: power can be configured with any brand of motor


Optional brand motor Model
EWAYS EA-150 EA-200 EA-250
German denko motor 90KG 120KG 160KG
Panasonic PanasonicH3 Ruidi120 Ruidi120
Dormer ES68 ES200 ES200E
Lattice G-U GS-100 HM  


About China fameless facade:


Product name: China fameless facade


Supporting Construction of China fameless facade: Frame Type


Number of Layers: Single


Shape of China fameless facade: Standard Plane


Usage: Exterior Wall


Specila Function of China fameless facade: Photovoltaics Curtain Wall, Ventilation Curtain Wall, Intelligent Curtain Wall


Materials: Aluminum/Steel/ACP


Glass Option of China fameless facade: Double Glass, Triple Glass, Laminated Glass, Low E


Open Way: Sliding / Casement / Folding / Top Hung


China fameless facade is another widely used external protection system. Nowadays, we have most mature technology and best construction capability. China fameless facade is a frame supported curtain wall, for which mullions, transoms, and panel are installed on site in a proper order. The panel materials are processed into unit components in the factory and then fixed on the frame, which consist of mullions and transoms. The load received by the unit components of the panel materials will be transmitted to the main structure via the mullions(or transoms).


China fameless facade


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