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Project Specs
2019-2021   600sqm Hidden frame curtain wall   Office Building
Doha,Qatar   Done
600sqm Hidden frame curtain wall
Office Building

Scope of Work

Glass curtain wall 


A glass curtain wall (GCS) is a type of exterior wall made up of large, opaque panels that offer privacy but allow natural light to flow into a building. GCS panels are often installed on the exterior of high-rise buildings to reduce energy consumption and maintain an urban look.


Glass curtain wall is a type of commercial architecture that is becoming increasingly popular. This type of architecture uses a series of glass panels to create an opaque barrier between interior and exterior spaces. This barrier can be used to create private offices, showrooms, or stores. Glass curtain wall is unique because it allows customers to see the exterior while still being shielded from the sun and rain.


Advantages of Glass curtain wall 


Create a trendy, modern look in your home with a glass curtain wall.

Offers privacy and allows light to enter while still keeping a sense of style.

Can be installed quickly and easily by yourself.

Perfect for larger spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.

Strong and durable, will not break or sag over time.


China Glass curtain wall manufacture - Sunframe Facade


The manufacturing of a glass curtain wall starts with the design of the structure. The window frames, panes, and other features are all drawn in CAD or 3D software.  The next step is to create a prototype of the wall to make sure the design is correct. Once the prototype is approved, the manufacturing process can begin. This can involve cutting and shaping the glass into the desired form, as well as adding supports and brackets.


With a variety of glass curtain wall manufacturing options available, architects and builders can choose the most appropriate option for their project. Sunframe Facade manufactures a wide range of glass curtain walls, from standard window panels to specialty shapes and sizes. With years of experience in the industry, our team can help you find the right glass curtain wall solution for your project.


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