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About China visible frame curtain wall


When did China visible frame curtain wall become popular?


Guangzhou Canton Fair is the first architectural case in my country to adopt China visible frame curtain wall. It already has two major features: a glass panel and a metal support frame. The Great Wall Hotel Beijing was built in 2010 and is a truly representative glass curtain wall project. This integral hollow glass outer frame curtain wall is made in Belgium.


China visible frame curtain wall: What is a frame glass curtain wall? A load-bearing frame made of steel pipe, steel square pass, steel keel, etc., and then hung with curtain wall glass.


China visible frame curtain wall: What is the difference between a dot-type curtain wall and a frame-type curtain wall? Which is better?


If you compare the cost, then the cheaper one may be better, then the dot type will be slightly cheaper. If you compare the appearance, then the frame type curtain wall, such as a fully hidden frame, from the appearance on the top, it will be similar to the dot type. If it is a clear framework, the difference will be great, and some people may think that the framework is better. The frame can better reflect the sense of security and fluidity.


China visible frame curtain wall: Construction method of frame glass curtain wall


The construction of frame glass curtain wall and aluminum alloy heat insulation window project is carried out in a factory-site combination, that is, all steel connectors, aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy heat insulation window frames, and glass components required for the project are delivered after passing the quality inspection. And shipped to the site for installation. Construction should be carried out according to the following methods:


1) Positioning of the bounce wire: It is operated by professional and technical personnel, and the position of the curtain wall and window frame is accurately determined with a horizontal hammer and a plumb hammer, that is, the first key to determining the quality of the project installation. Axis-based. According to the design requirements, first bounce the position line of the skeleton to the main structure to determine the position of the pole. The main part of the project, based on the middle horizontal line, goes back and forth up and down. After the horizontal line of each layer is determined, the elevation of the horizontal node can be leveled with a spirit level. The spring line of the window will determine the horizontal, vertical and entry and exit positions of the window to ensure the coordination of the decoration and construction of the window with other positions. The above measurement results should be consistent with the construction measurement axis of the main project. If the axis error of the main structure is greater than the specified allowable deviation, after the supervisor and the designer agree, the axis of the decoration project should be adjusted to meet the structural needs of the decoration project.


2) Embedded parts: As the embedded parts of this project need to be supplemented, chemical anchor bolts are used for all embedded parts, and the bolts are × galvanized threaded studs. Bolt drilling is 16×hole. The dust in the hole should be removed before the bolt is implanted, and the bolt should be implanted after the chemical agent tube is implanted. The inner panel can be used after the chemicals are cured for 3 to 5 hours.


China visible frame curtain wall: frame curtain wall construction plan


1. Structure description and construction process


The curtain wall column is fixed on the embedded part by the adapter, the curtain wall beam is connected with the column by bolts, and the frame is exposed


The curtain wall is fixed on the keel of the curtain wall by an aluminum alloy bottom plate, and then bolted to the keel.


Glass curtain wall construction process:


Unpacking, inspection, sorting, and stacking of curtain wall components → on-site measurement and arrangement → column and beam blanking → floor connection


Installation → Column installation → Column leveling and adjustment → Installation of beams → Installation of glass plate → Installation of open fan injection glue


Glue→install decorative strip→clean→acceptance, delivery


China visible frame curtain wall


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