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About China Unit Glass Curtain Wall


Application of China Unit Glass Curtain Wall: Should the glass curtain wall be connected with thinner steel columns and beams?


1. The glass curtain wall should be connected with thinner steel columns and beams.


2. The added curtain wall can be supported by steel structure. The specific steel column size should be determined after professional calculation and verification.


3. Glass curtain wall refers to a building envelope or decorative structure that can produce a certain displacement relative to the main structure through the supporting structure system, and does not share the role of the main structure. There are two types of walls: single-layer and double-glazed.


Application of China Unit Glass Curtain Wall: the difference between window and curtain wall


Difference 1: The quality is different. The difference between windows and curtain walls can be big or small. Why did you say that? Because there is a kind of door and window, it is called "curtain wall door and window". Although it may be different from the curtain wall outside the building as we understand it, the difference is not that big. Yes, including its frame. Of course, this mainly means that it may not be much different from the exposed frame glass curtain wall, but it may be very different from other glass curtain walls.


Difference 2: The price is different, and the material is different. And we all know that the difference with ordinary windows is actually quite big, whether it is glass quality or glass thickness, etc., because curtain walls are generally hollow glass, which has to go through a series of processing, such as openings and edges, dents, etc. It can become the glass of the curtain wall, so the cost is much higher than that of windows.


Difference 3: Some processes are different. We know that half-opening and half-windows are more convenient, but the opening of the curtain wall still requires a certain process. Generally speaking, the opening of the curtain wall is relatively small. We can see from many common cases that the curtain wall itself cannot be said to be the main part of the building, but the windows can be regarded as a part. This is also a small difference. The window structure inside the curtain wall is basically equal to the position of the curtain wall back panel.


Note for China Unit Glass Curtain Wall:


Hidden frame curtain walls and semi-hidden frame curtain walls usually use pressure plates (press blocks) to transmit force, and the distance between them is generally not greater than fixed-distance and non-fixed-distance pressure plates. After the fixed distance pressing plate is fastened by the connecting bolts, the pressing gap is relatively fixed, and the pressing force on the glass panel sub-frame is relatively consistent, which is convenient for absorbing deformations such as structure and temperature, reducing frictional noise, and avoiding uneven pressing caused by pressing blocks This causes the image on the glass panel to be distorted.


False bright frames usually install decorative strips at the joints of the dark frame curtain walls to achieve the decorative effect of the bright frame curtain walls. This kind of structure should adopt the design method of hidden frame curtain wall to design the insulating glass and structural glue, that is, the second sealant should be sealed with silica gel structural glue. If polysulfide glue is used as the secondary seal of insulating glass, although it may not be damaged under ultraviolet radiation, there are still unsafe factors.


China Unit Glass Curtain Wall


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