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About China custom glass skylight


China custom glass skylight: Tempered glass for skylight


It is recommended that the sandwich layer is 5 tempered*0, and 38 membranes*5 tempered. If the single layer is exposed, it will be open.


China custom glass skylight: Can windshield skylights for construction be customized?


Of course, they can be customized, and usually they need to be customized. Different buildings have skylights of different sizes and shapes. You must measure the size first, then tailor it, and finally install it.


China custom glass skylight: How to make a glass skylight


Materials needed: aluminum alloy keel, embedded steel parts, connecting steel parts, connecting aluminum parts, safety glass, sealing materials, suspension panels, insulation materials, stainless steel steel, bolts, screws, etc.


Tools needed: electric welder, gas welder, impact drill, hand drill, nail gun, riveting gun, various wrenches, screwdrivers, sealing material operating tools, hammers, wooden wedges and spirit levels, plumb, steel tape and laser measuring instruments Etc. (1) Steel keel


(2) Aluminum keel


(3) Wooden keel


(4) All glass type, construction conditions


1. The main engineering steel structure, reinforced concrete structure and brick-concrete structure installation glass roof must meet the requirements of relevant structural construction and acceptance specifications.


2. The structure of fixing and connecting glass skylights, including embedded parts and connecting parts, must have sufficient strength and rigidity to the external force and meet the specified dimensional accuracy.


3. Develop an installation plan and submit it to the relevant department after approval by the relevant personnel.


4. The installation reference line and reference point have been tested.


5. With horizontal and vertical transportation tools for materials, and storage locations.


6. Equipped with power protection and suitable scaffolding or hanging baskets, etc.


7. In suitable weather conditions, the wind should not be greater than level 4.


8. Develop safety measures in conjunction with the project and obtain approval from the relevant person in charge.


Main points of construction of China custom glass skylight:


1. The design is reasonable, and the glass roof frame should be trial-installed in the factory, and can leave the factory only after it is qualified.


2. During the assembly process, all joints should be coated with sealant or other sealing materials.


3. The frame should be protected during the ceiling hoisting process to avoid collision and damage with the structural frame or other hard objects.


4. After the frame adjustment is completed, the connector should be completely fixed.


5. The choice of sealing material must meet the weather resistance requirements.


6. The edge of the glass must be smooth and straight, and the coated glass or heat-absorbing glass must be wrapped.


7. The glass block must be used according to the design requirements and the location is reasonable.


8. The sealing material should be inlaid or filled densely, smoothly and continuously, and there should be no breaks or defects.


9. Concealed works (referring to connectors and other parts blocked by repair) must be checked and recorded in advance.


Project acceptance of China custom glass skylight:


1. The acceptance of the glass daylighting skylight project is carried out after the skylight itself and related works are completed, and the surface of the skylight should be cleaned before acceptance.


2. When the glass daylighting skylight is accepted, the subcontractor or manufacturer shall provide the following information:


(1) Qualification certificate for profiles, glass, sealing materials and accessories, connectors, etc.


(2) The project serves as a map.


(3) Concealed project acceptance record.


(4) Engineering design modification files.


(5) Various accident handling records and conclusions.


(6) Type test report, including strength, water tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, etc.


(7) Inspection records of each component and installation quality during the construction process.


(8) Structural glue and glass suppliers provide lifetime warranty.


3. During project acceptance, concealed items should be carefully reviewed and accepted.


4. At the time of project acceptance, comprehensively inspect the appearance quality and project quality.


5. The type, specification, and color of the glass should be consistent with the design, and the glass color should be basically the same, and there should be no mold or coating peeling off.


6. The color of the aluminum alloy profile is consistent with the design, the color is uniform, the surface is flat, and there should be no visible deformation, ripple, crushing, peeling, etc.


7. The cover and package of hidden nodes should be neat and beautiful.


8. The glass must be installed or bonded firmly, and the sealing material must be dense, continuous, and free of breakage.


9. There should be no leakage in the water spray test.


China custom glass skylight


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