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About China sliding window:


1. It adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure with waterproof function, and uses the principle of pressure balance to design a structural drainage system and drainage outlet. Smooth drainage and good water tightness.


2. The three-way sealing structure of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows reasonably separates the water and air cavity, and successfully achieves the equal pressure balance of the air and water cavity, significantly improves the water and air tightness of the doors and windows, and achieves the effect of clear and bright windows, and at the same time, it also prevents knots. Dew and anti-frost function.


3. Anti-theft and anti-loose functions, equipped with unique multi-point hardware locks, to ensure the stability and safety of the windows in use.


4. The function of noise prevention and sound insulation. The structure has been carefully designed and the joints are tight. According to the test results, the maximum air sound insulation can reach 30-40db in the compartment. Not to be disturbed by noise, and adjacent to the busy city can also ensure the indoor tranquility and warmth.


5. The function of anti-wind sand and wind pressure, the inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, strong resistance to wind pressure deformation, and good seismic effect. In high-rise residential buildings, large-area windows are designed to provide large lighting areas.



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Sliding window suppliers offer a wide range of products and services to help you keep your windows operable and energy efficient. From repairs and replacements to customizing your system, these suppliers can help you get the most out of your windows.


Sliding window suppliers are companies that offer a service of supplying and installing sliding windows. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors and can be used to upgrade or replace existing windows. They are an affordable way to improve the look and functionality of your home without having to tear down or rebuild.


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