M-PEACE Plaza Rwanda

M-PEACE Plaza Rwanda

  • Project: M-PEACE PLAZA
  • Location: Kigali Rwanda
  • Area of Curtain Wall: 11,000 M2
  • Curtain Wall Type: Invisible Aluminium Curtain Wall, ACP Cladding, Canopy
  • Architecture Design: GMK
  • Contractor : CCECC
  1. PEACE PLAZA (MPP) is a prestigious mixed-use urban development situated in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda on Plot No.10603. This expansive project encompasses a retail mall, office complex, and high-grade apartments, establishing itself as the ultimate destination for shopping, business activities, and residential comfort within Kigali City.

With its grandeur and scale, M. PEACE PLAZA stands as the largest mixed-use development in Rwanda and competes with the finest establishments across East Africa. Its allure extends beyond borders by attracting international brands seeking to establish their presence in this thriving city while also accommodating regional retailers who recognize the immense potential of Kigali’s market.

The Sunframe team has played an integral role in bringing this vision to life by providing their expertise in designing and installing an impressive 11,000 square meters Invisible Curtain Wall system for M. PEACE PLAZA. This innovative architectural feature seamlessly integrates into the plaza’s aesthetic appeal while offering functionality and energy efficiency.

The Invisible Curtain Wall system not only enhances the overall visual impact of M. PEACE PLAZA but also ensures a comfortable indoor environment for visitors through its insulation properties that regulate temperature fluctuations effectively.

As one explores MPP’s retail mall section, they will be greeted with an array of renowned local and international brands showcasing their products within modern and stylish storefronts. From fashion boutiques to electronics stores, there is something to cater to every shopper’s taste at MPP.

Adjacent to the retail area lies a state-of-the-art office complex designed to meet contemporary business needs. With spacious workspaces equipped with cutting-edge technology infrastructure, companies can thrive amidst a vibrant atmosphere conducive to productivity.

For those seeking luxurious living spaces within close proximity to commercial amenities offered by MPP, high-grade apartments are available within this remarkable development. These residences boast elegant designs coupled with top-notch facilities such as fitness centers or swimming pools – creating an ideal haven for residents after a long day at work or shopping spree.

In conclusion, M.PEACE PLAZA represents more than just another urban development; it symbolizes progress and prosperity for Kigali City as it continues its journey towards becoming a prominent economic hub in East Africa.


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