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What is double skin façade? What are the functions of double skin façade?


When understanding the classification of curtain wall products, double skin façade has become a very important part of the composition. When paying attention to what is a double skin façade, the actual curtain wall is a double-layer structure. And it plays a very good role in the orderly flow and exchange of air. What is the role of this kind of curtain wall in use?


What is double skin façade


1. Good thermal insulation performance


If buildings want to be more comfortable to live in, thermal insulation is indeed very significant. From the double skin façade, it can be understood that the effective adaptation of the outer layer of the building to climate changes can play a very positive role, so that the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation will be very good.


2. Improve indoor conditions


When grasping what a double skin façade is, it can be fully noticed from the use of the product. In the process of use, the overall sound insulation of the curtain wall has always been very good. It is precisely because of this that, in the analysis of the problems in the use of the curtain wall, it is very good to improve the indoor conditions.


3. Buildings are more comfortable


In the process of paying attention to the double skin façade, the actual curtain wall product has the function of ventilation. It is precisely because of these related situations that the overall comfort experience of the people in the building during work and life is also very good, and the issues involved need to be understood.


Therefore, the various issues involved in what is a double skin façade should be paid attention too carefully. After paying attention to the diversified situations in the use of these double skin façades, the effects of each part will be very good Land. At the same time, when the double skin façade is analyzed, the construction quality of the curtain wall can be guaranteed.


Where can I customize the double skin façade?


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