108ZK Insulated Casement Windows

Experience the ultimate in spaciousness and elegance with our 108ZK Series Narrow Frame Insulated Windows. Enjoy wide, unobstructed views and a sense of relaxation. The flush alignment of the screen sash with the window frame, robust diamond mesh screens, and superior performance in wind resistance, water tightness, air tightness, insulation, and sound insulation make it perfect for high-end residences, villas, and hotels.

Introducing the 108ZK Series Narrow Frame Insulated Windows, where spaciousness and elegance meet exceptional performance. These windows offer wide and unobstructed views, reducing feelings of confinement and providing a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The narrow frame design adds a touch of lightness, creating an atmosphere of ease and comfort.

The flush alignment of the screen sash with the window frame showcases a simple and beautiful aesthetic. The clean and sleek appearance of these windows enhances the overall visual appeal of any space, creating a sense of sophistication and modernity.

Equipped with robust diamond mesh screens, the 108ZK Series ensures not only reliable protection against insects but also serves as a deterrent against unauthorized access. The sturdy construction of the screens prevents pests from entering while providing an added layer of security.

The inward opening design of the screen sash allows for convenient cleaning of the mesh from the inside, ensuring both ease of maintenance and safety. You can effortlessly maintain a clean and insect-free environment while keeping your loved ones secure.

The 108ZK Series excels in overall performance, surpassing industry standards. With wind resistance exceeding Grade 5, water tightness surpassing Grade 5, air tightness exceeding Grade 4, insulation performance exceeding Grade 8, and sound insulation performance exceeding Grade 5, these windows provide superior protection, energy efficiency, and acoustic comfort.

The 108ZK Series Narrow Frame Insulated Windows are a perfect fit for high-end residences, villas, and hotels. Their exceptional performance, elegant design, and robust security features make them an ideal solution for those seeking the highest quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

Product Specifications:

Series: 108ZK Series

Visual Field: Spacious and unobstructed view

Design: Flush alignment of screen sash with window frame

Mesh Screens: Robust diamond mesh screens

Opening Style: Inward opening screen sash

Performance: Wind resistance > Grade 5, water tightness > Grade 5, air tightness > Grade 4, insulation performance > Grade 8, sound insulation performance > Grade 5

Suitable for: High-end residences, villas, hotels, and more


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